Writing Coach: Designed for the hungry and unconventional creative writer.
In 2018, I learned the power of having a mentor as a writer. Even though I’ve been writing, publishing, and even winning a few local awards, it was in a vacuum. I had no-one on my side, to help create queries, understand the ebb and flow of ideas or follow-through. Then through a few different networks and communities I found teachers, coaches, and mentors. It’s a powerful tool. To have someone to email or call with questions about projects, resources, or for critiques. Blending their skills, experiences, and research with what you, as a writer, need and crave. Connection. Community. Creativity.
I’m now in a place in my writing career to offer that to others. To share my stories and experiences, pass on craft tools, engage in conversations about the writer’s life on the edges, the non-traditional and entrepreneurial routes you can take as a creative writer. To claim the Indie Writer’s Life for yourself.
An organic conversation with your questions and needs coming first.
Brainstorming together with your goals in mind.
Practical advice.
Performance driven.
Developmental editorial work on a specific project.
Craft and techniques to improve your work.
Prompts and generative exercises.
Feedback and critiques on specific projects, letters, pitches etc.
Email once or twice a week.
Phone call once a week.
Resources/ websites/ information sharing.
Ongoing or short term as needed.
Fee $35 p/hr (Via PayPal) or discounts if by month.
Offered by Sarah Leamy