GenderQueer Literature

Poem: I Am Safe Inside This Body

by Spencer Jean.

I am safe inside this body

This body has a mind

Albeit troubled, prevalent psyche


Two advocates for my asylum

Shouting out

Standing up

Preach the gospel of my safety

Teeth gnashing at my enemies

Hips sway my divine pleasures

Feet carry me

Spine rights me

Eyes shape my reality

Ears absorb sweet melody

Lungs that breathe my ancient, sandy fires

Heart that beats my every desire



What gentle harold my body holds

Fills my basket

Collecting memories

As dandelions between my toes

Dip the bread of my pride in swelling orchestra

Cradle my sadness

Pry apart my sage, stiff blades of doubt 

Seek my joy

Protect my worth

My body likes me

Loves me

My devotee

I am safe inside this body

BIO: Spencer Jean has a BFA from the University of Windsor, written several unpublished scripts, non-fiction, and poetry pieces, and is a contributor at Yiara Magazine.

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