Wanderlust #3

Print Book Available Now! -Explore. Write. Inspire.

This third collection contains the year’s best travel essays (and in the ebook, the photos too) selected from the finest works published through our online magazine ( At its heart, WANDERLUST is home for the creative power of a pen and a passport.

With huge thanks to our contributors, Andra Watkins, Alison Auger, Gloria Nixon-John, Elie Axelroth, Suzanne Roberts, Helen Lippman, Jason Carroway, Jess D. Taylor, Pam Newton, Camille Lowry, Paul Perilli, Kendall Poe, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Tiffiny Spire, Hannah Berman, Christie Munson Muller, Birgit Hedwig Wildt, Dustin Grinnell, Bob Kunzinger, Anne-Marie Oomen, Samantha Schoech, Clement Obropta, M.K. Martin, Nancy Barnes, Tamara Deland, Anna Oberg and Suzanne Roberts. 

DISCOUNT PRICING FOR NOVEMBER 2021: To make sure that all of you, our contributors, can get copies at cost. Thank you so much for being part of this publication. We are incredibly proud of this collection. It just gets better and better. Thanks to all our contributors and the editorial team for bringing this to the world.

Available here:

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