GenderQueer Literature

Queer POC Poets & Writers


Gloria Anzaldua “Borderlands”

Richard Blanco “Looking for the Gulf Motel”

Jericho Brown “The Tradition”

Frannie Choy “Soft Science”

Nikky Finney “Head Off and Split”

Roxanne Gay “Difficult Women”

Saeed Jones “Prelude to Bruise”

Donika Kelly “Bestiary”

Rickey Laurentiis “Boy with Thorn”

Audre Lorde “Zami”

Carmen Maria Machado “Her Body and Other Parties”

Lee Mokobe Spoken Word/Ted Talk

Tommy Pico “Junk”

Ruben Quesada “Revelations”

Gregory Scofield “Thunder Through My Veins”

Hasanthika Sirisena “The Other One”

Danez Smith “Don’t Call us Dead”

Craig Womack “Drowning in Fire”

Alok Vaid-Menon “Beyond the Gender Binary”

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