GenderQueer Literature

Creative Works – a suggested reading list

Coyote, Ivan. One in Every Crowd : Stories.[1]  Perfect example of essays. Coyote is one to really dive into, mostly he writes essays as stories. His earlier work is online, performances etc and what I like is how that early body of work is simply being and not explaining.

Bombardier, Cooper Lee. Pass with Care. [2]Great book on process of coming into self as creative  and trans. A keeper. (I have a copy.) Come back to for a deep dive. Worth looking at his earlier work to see if that also explained his relationship to gender or was more the stories/poems of the life itself. 

Leger, Tom. The Collection.[3] Short fiction from Transgender authors. The first story by Imogen Binnie struck me, liked it. Most of the others didn’t resonate. I’ll have another look this weekend to note which ones would be good to address in the project. Sent back to VCFA library. I doubt I’ll refer to it. Although, Imogen has since published a novel called Nevada. I might reach out to her. 

Coyote, Ivan and Sherman, Zena. Persistence[4]Great book, loved it, mostly on the queer side but to be honest most of us genderqueers are exactly that! A keeper. Good quotes to use here. 

Myles, Eileen. For Now. [6] Long drawn out sentences, stream of consciousness, playing with form, grammar, claining her thoughts on writing, process, connection. Beautiful book. Great for quotes on creative process and life in 2020. 

Sindu SJ: A Marriage of a Thousand LiesRemember to come back to this. Tomboy Sri-lankan narrator, mixing between traditions, family, love for another Sri-Lankan woman, fake marriage, appearances, choices. 

Manning, Corinne: We had no rules: stories (May 2020)[7] Yes. See notes. Professor M is the one story that fits the best. 

Sara Taylor. The Lauras. Yes. See notes. Great fit. 

Coyote, Ivan. Tomboy Survival Guide. Yes. Stories and memoirs. 

Nelson, Maggie. The Argonauts.[8] Yes. Memoir. 

Kincaid Jamaica, Annie-John. No but almost? Tomboy in theory but I didn’t get it. 

Carver, SaraOne Story. (Beestung online gq journal). Okay, not really usable though.  

Baggott, JuliannaEuclydis. (Short story on Sci-fi.

Lidia Yuknavitch –Verge. Mechanics, a good short story. 

David LevithanThe Lovers Dictionary

Ali Smith

Feinberg, LeslieTransgender Warriors (1996)

Others not yet read or researched, but suggested as relevant.

Some Other Metal By: Cory McCarthy and AR Capetta

Vanishing monuments (May 2020) By: Stintzi, John Elizabeth

Paul takes the form of a mortal girl (Nov 2017) By: Lawlor, Andrea

Golden boy (May 2013) By: Tarttelin, Abigail

Shine of the ever (Nov 2019) By: Foster, Claire Rudy

Fern road (Oct 2019) By: Dasgupta, Angshu

For today I am a boy (Jan 2014) By: Fu, Kim

The Iliac crest (Oct 2017) By: Rivera Garza, Cristina

Nico & Tucker (May 2017) By: Gold, Rachel

The thirty names of night (May 2020) By: Joukhadar, Zeynab

Outline, by Cusk, Rachel


Hidden, By: Sarah Leamy

Lucky Shot, By: Sarah Leamy (all of her novels have gender queer narrators)

[1] Coyote, Ivan. One in Every Crowd : Stories. Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, BC, 2012

[2] Bombardier, Cooper Lee. Pass with Care : Memoirs. Dottir Press, 2020. 

[3] Léger Tom, and Riley MacLeod, editors. The Collection. Topside Press, 2012. 

[4]Coyote, Ivan; Sharman, Zena. Persistence : all ways butch and femme. Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, 2012

[5] Metcalfe, Anna. Blind water pass : [and other stories]. London : JM Originals, 2016

[6] Myles, Eileen. For Now. Yale University Press, 2020

[7] Manning, Corinne.  We had no rules : stories. Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, [2020]

[8] Nelson, Maggie. The Argonauts. Graywolf Press, 2015. 

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