Travel Books

Wanderlust #2:

The Best of 2020

Need inspiration? Stuck at home but wish you could experience other countries and cultures? These stories from around the world are perfect whether you’re an armchair traveler or on the road, planning, returning, exploring online and in person. With essays from all thse incredible writers and wanderers, we’re proud to include each of them. 

Bob Kunzinger, Jaclyn Fowler, Adriana Añon, Joanell Serra, Stuart Wilson, Stacy E. Holden, Anthony Bain, Meg Freer, Paul T.M. Jackson, Ruth McIntosh, Kim Sosin, Janet Rives, James Agombar, Liliana Manzone, Bill Diamond, Breana Gervat, John A. Barrett, Tina Rafowitz, Nicholas Guerreiro, Tej Rae, Tim Vincent, Anita Lekic, Vincent Lam, Maddie Lock, Dante Fresse, Melissa Monk, Elliot Werner, Beth Chardack, Tom Squitieri, Lizzie Roberts, Chris Wiewiora, Marimac McRae, Nils Peterson, and K.M. Churchill. 

Available here.

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