Welcome to Wild Dog Press

A Micro Press focused on Sharing the Work of Others

IN SHORT: You’ll find travel books, Wanderlust Journal’s blog posts of writers from all over the world, the podcast offering excerpts of numerous travel stories as well as trade shows, events, tips and gear suggestions. We also publish  GenderQueer Literature , where you’ll read work that challenges gender roles in unexpected ways, with art, photos, stories, articles and events for and by unconventional creatives on the gender spectrum. 


Imagine finding the kind of stories and books you only dreamt of reading, the stories you’d hoped for as a kid and again as an adult. Imagine scooting around, seeking out lonely lost books on the lower shelves, pulling out interesting titles, intrigued by the odd sizes and various colors, and then finding that the work grabs you, takes you somewhere new, by an author you’d not heard of. These are the books we crave. To read. To publish.


Think of the mutts at the shelter who have a few too many odd quirks and are hard to place. We’re looking for those type of manuscripts, articles, images and other non-mainstream works of uncertain pedigree and who all deserve to be read. We are a cooperative, working together to you get your stories out into the world, across the world.

One story at a time. One Wild Dog at a time.

Our small press comes out of that need for representation, validation, and permission to write your stories and see them in print. The Big Five, the well-known agencies, and mainstream publishing world focuses on profits and national awards. That would be nice, but so would being published and read by friends and strangers. Finding an audience together, we can achieve that goal. We begin with the podcast and the original website many of our readers and writers come from. After that, I can say that we’re looking for more voices rarely heard in the traditional publishing world. Too many of us can’t find wider audiences for our work . We’re here to help you reach out beyond your family and friends. Small indie/micro presses are the answer. Trust us to share your words. Together, our stories connect us across communities and cultures. Work with us. 

Be ready, you just never quite know what we’ll publish. We don’t have set parameters either but I will say that we’re actively looking for works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction manuscripts that surprise. So take us with you, be generous, and tell the unexpected. Send in your best work, book reviews and links. 

Have fun browsing and email us if you would like to be part of this project. 


Take care,
Sarah Leamy



The Ever-Fluid Masthead:

Founder/ Manager – Sarah Leamy (Founder/Editor at www.wanderlust-Journal.com , www.genderqueerliterature.org and previously on the creative non-fiction editorial team at upstreet & Hunger Mountain Review

Editorial Team has so far included: 

Kody Boye. (2023) Formatting troubleshooting. 

Tej Rae (Guest Judge and Managing Editor of Wanderlust Journal 2019-21. Tej Rae is a freelancer based in Addis Ababa, where she writes for the United Nations to support her fiction habit. In June 2020, she was awarded fourth place in The First Pages Prize by judge Sebastian Faulks for a chapter from her debut novel, Salaula Sistershttp://tejrae.com/

M. Brianna Stallings (Guest Judge and Editor of Wanderlust Anthology #1, Cover design for Wanderlust #2, and a Former Editor at Hunger Mountain: The VCFA Journal of the Arts, among others.)

Graphic Designs – Anne Jennings @ https://inhousedesign.studio

We are open to all kinds of volunteers so feel free to contact us if you are interested. We have no sponsors, adverts, or funds except from donations from people like you. Please consider supporting us. 

Thank you.